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About Hightower Innovations


Hightower Innovations was formed to fill needs for specialized custom car parts, unique tools and basic car maintenance help in the form of informational books, literature and YouTube videos.  

The TurboFlo Oil Changer is a revolutionary new design that Incorperates the much needed and often overlooked external pump priming system. It works right every time. 

We Have You Covered

Welcome to  Your Car Care Companion. We offer custom car parts, specialized tools and excellent educational reading material about vehicle maintenace.  We invite you to join the "club" of confident and capable do-it-yourselfers, peruse our pages, and watch our YouTube videos on safety, information on how the different systems in your car work, and do-it-yourself (DIY) procedures. 

Our Quality Promise

 Above all that we have to offer on this site, safety is by far the most important topic covered.  To support this website and our book are YouTube videos for many of the most important areas of safety.  Please watch all safety videos before attempting and DIY service or maintenance procedure. Thank you. 

About Us

Our Goal

Hightower Innovations was formed by Clint Hightower in March, 2015. The decision to start the company was made after helping people with their cars for many years. We continue to  constantly look for new solutions in the form of custom parts, tools, and informational videos and literature.

Our Book

Our Book, "Your Car Care Companion" is an excellent example of our commitment to share what we know with anyone who wants to learn how to perform service and maintenance on their own vehicle.

Our Products

If you're looking for Light Savers, Headlight Savers, Foglight Savers, the TurboFlo Oil Changer, PowerCoat Magnet, or for our excellent Book, "Your Car Care Companion", check out our products page and place your order today.


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