PowderCoat Magnet (2 oz)


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PowderCoat Magnet is a unique blend of water soluble chemicals formulated specifically to be used as an adherent for powder coating. The solution can be applied in any way you choose as long as it is being applied to a smooth, clean non-porous surface and the end result is a thin film. It can be wiped on with a rag or paper towel, it can be applied with a rubber gloved hand or a freshly washed hand or it can be sprayed on in a fine mist. However you choose to apply PowderCoat Magnet, it will work. The PowderCoat Magnet film that holds the powder coat paint is kind of like the glue on tape only thinner.

There is no clean-up required when using PowderCoat Magnet.  If you want to remove it simply wipe it off or wash away with soap and water. PowderCoat Magnet will not harm parts or skin, and although not intended for consumption it is made from food grade products that are not harmful if swallowed.

Curing powder coat that has been applied with PowderCoat Magnet can be done in an oven or with a heat gun.  It makes no difference how you apply PowderCoat Magnet or cure Powder Magnet; it works, just like magic!


TurboFlo Oil Changer


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The TurboFlo Oil Changer is 2 inches thick and about the size of a cell phone, 3.5” x 6.0” it can literally fit in your pocket. TurboFlo Oil Changer does not require you to pump it, or use a compressor, you don't have to dump the oil or jack up your car it is EASY! The TurboFlo Oil Changer will be great for cars, trucks, boats, and lawn mowers and so easy to use anyone can use it. Pumping is strong! It will empty a 4 – 6 quart engine in about 5 minutes! It can be used by just about everyone, men, women and teens! So small it can fit in your pocket. Solid automotive grade thermal plastic body and Manufactured in Sacramento County California. Keep an eye out! They are going to be game changers, they are going to be Awesome!


Your Car Care Companion Book

About the Book

This book was written to help anyone who wants to learn how to service their car. The text is large, the pictures are in color and the procedures are demonstrated in YouTube videos. The book is intended to be a guide and although it is not a shop manual, it was designed to be comprehensive without getting to the technical level of wiring diagrams and engine rebuild procedures. It’s for everyday people who want a well-rounded complete guide to show them how to take care of their car. This book will guide you in learning how to perform money saving services on your car. Written in large text, illustrated in full color, and supported by YouTube videos, it covers car safety, car systems, and car service Here are a few examples of recommended minimum safety practices • let someone know whenever you plan to work under a vehicle • wear Safety glasses, • always using wheel chocks • and always use jack stands whenever you raise a vehicle We also explain how the primary systems in a car work, such as: • the ignition system • the cooling system and • the fuel system There are step-by-step demonstrations that show you how to perform many service procedures, including: • how to change your oil • how to perform a tune-up • how to do a brake job • and many more 

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Your Car Care Companion is 242 pages of full color vehicle maintenance and service tips, and guidance. The book is comprehensive, and written to cover most vehicles with gasoline engines.  If you want to learn how to service your car or just want to learn enough to be able to communicate with your mechanic better, this is the book for you.